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Meade MacGuire, 1930’s and 40’s

November 5, 2008

Canadian Union Messenger, January 31, 1933

LIVE so that all who know you, but do not know Christ, will want to know Him because they know you.— Meade MacGuire.


Canadian Union Messenger, March 19, 1935

Simple Steps in the Christian’s Life, by Meade MacGuire


Canadian Union Messenger, June 6, 1939

“Learn of Me” is a new booklet by Meade Macguire. It sets forth the Saviour’s invitation to come to Him with all problems and trials and learn of Him. A special book let for young people at a special price of only twelve cents.


Signs of the Times, Australian, February 26, 1940


Brother Virgil Larson, who has taken over the direction of the Lord’s work on Prince Edward Island, arrived in the Maritimes on July 13th last during our Youth Camp.

Brother Larson’s parents were both Seventh-day Adventists, his father being a minister of the church. Brother Larson himself was baptized at the close of a series of meetings conducted by Elder Meade MacGuire in 1927. He subsequently attended Walla Walla College, engaging in colporteur work during the summer of his first year at College. In one locality he canvassed during the day and held meetings
at night, with the result that a company of 12 believers was raised up, three of whom are now engaged in the Lord’s work.

Each year that Brother Larson was in College he conducted evangelistic meetings. He was called to the Idaho Conference in the spring of 1939 to serve as Home Missionary and Missionary Volunteer Secretary of the Conference. While carrying these responsibilities, Brother Larson held three series of evangelistic meetings, as a result of which two new churches were raised up.


Brother Larson is already laying plans for an effort at Montague, P. E. I. and we trust he may share an interest in your prayers.