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Lulu Wightman, Religious Liberty Advocate

November 4, 2008

Lake Union Herald, June 23, 1909

These lines were first sung by the author at a Religious Liberty meeting where Lulu Wightman spoke to 1,500 in an auditorium in Lincoln, Nebraska, Feb. 23, 1909.



Dedicated to Civil and Religious Liberty in the land of the Stars and Stripes.
TUNE : ” The, Holy City.”

This nation lies asleeping,
Securely drugged is she ;
While hosts of men are trying
To check her liberty.
They fed her gold and rubies,
They gave her praise to drink ;
They covered all her sorrows
Until she ceased to think.

America ! America !
Lift up thine eyes and see ;
For justice in this hour of need,
Thy people look to thee.

They said she needed clothing,
Which fitted kings of yore ;
They scorned the robe so spotless
Which she had worn before.
They decked her head with diamonds,
They worshiped at her shrine,
Until the smile of heaven
Around her ceased to shine.

America ! America !
Wake thee and sleep no more;
Unfold thy power, in this thine hour,
Stand firm on freedom’s shore.

And then they made them laws of steel,
Which bound her children dear;
They forced them to acknowledge
And serve the Lord through fear..
By law they bound their consciences,
By law they made them pray,
By law they thought to (ill the church,
Upon a law-made day.

For those, the loathsome prison cell
Who would not bend the knee ;
They placed themselves in human hearts,
Where God alowe should be.

America! America !
Wake thee and stand for right ;
Cast off thy chain, and live again,
In freedom’s holy light.

NOTE :—The above lines were first sung by the author, at the Religious Liberty meeting, when Mrs. Lulu Wightman spoke to 1,500 in the Auditorium, Lincoln, Nebraska, Feb. 23,1909.