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Canada in Early Adventist Periodicals – 1851

March 30, 2008

Review and Herald, February, 1851

“We copy the following from the ‘Advent Herald’ for Jan. 18, 1851 :

‘Bro. S. R. Dennett writes from -Canaan (Vt.) Jan. 8th, 1851:—

Dear Bro. Himes :—I want you to say through the ” Herald,” that I have been very much annoyed with newspapers and pamphlets containing, as I believe, spurious doctrines, such as the old Jewish Sabbath,
door of mercy closed, dreams, visions, &c. I have received as many of the above as I wish for. I want no more of such chaff.’

Bro. Lothrop, of Canada East, gave us, last June, the names of a number, all strangers to us, and among them was Samuel Dennett.— We sent him the ” Advent Review, “containing the spirited testimonies
of leading Advent men, (Which certainly should not ” annoy” any one bearing the Advent name,) and all we have since published up to No. 2 of the Review and Herald ; therefore we infer that he refers to our publications. Here we wish to remark :

1.. The terms ” Jewish Sabbath” and “Christian Sabbath” are not the language of the Bible. The language of both Testaments is “THE SABBATH.” Jehovah styles it ”THE SABBATH OF THE LORD THY GOD,” and “MY HOLY DAY ;” but Mr. Dennett, in order to stigmatize the day that God has highly honored, calls it the ” Old Jewish Sabbath.”

2. Mr. Dennett speaks of the “door of mercy;” but the Bible speaks of no such “door.” True, Bro. Miller, and others, have used this unscriptural term, (which gives a very wrong idea of our views,) to express their work done for the world ; but if we believed that God had ‘forgotten to be merciful to his erring children, we should cease lo present truth to them.

3. It really seems a pity that Mr. Dennett should be “annoyed,” as he says, so long with the truth, when if he had returned one paper, we should have sent him no more. And here we wish to say that if any, to whom we send the paper, are in a like condition, you can be relieved at once by returning this No. with your name and address written on it. Such a course would look much more Christian and consistent, for those who reject the letter of the law of God, and profess to fulfill it in LOVE, than to breathe out such bitterness through the “Advent Herald.”

page 16



Review and Herald, August 5, 1851 


We copy the following from the ” Advent Herald” relative to postage on letters, which we think is a proper course to he adopted.

“As all letters (not weighing over half an ounce) may now be sent a distance of three thousand miles for three cents postage, when paid by the sender, which, if not thus paid, will cost the one who receives it five cents, it is expected that hereafter all who write letters will pay their own postage. Where a person wishes for an answer about what only concerns himself, or his own business, he will, besides paying his postage, enclose a letter-stamp to pre-pay the returned letter with.

Those writing from Canada, can now pre-pay their letters to any part of the United States for six cents.”

August 5, 1851, page 8


Review and Herald, August 19, 1851


We are requested to say that there will be a General Conference of the brethren at Oswero, (N. Y.) to be held the 5th, 6th and 7th of September. This meeting- will commence on Friday, at 10 o’clock A. M. The main object of this meeting is to benefit those who have not had the privilege of meeting in our General Conferences; therefore, a general invitation is extended to the scattered brethren in this State and Canada to attend this Conference.

It is hoped that the brethren generally, who have not usually met with us, will make an effort to attend this meeting-. The special blessing of the Lord usually attends such meetings, and we hope it will be so at this meeting in Oswego, We hopeto be able to attend it. Come, brethren, let us make an effort to get those who are weak in the faith, out to this meeting, that they may be strengthened and comforted.

August 19, 1851, page 16