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A Note of Progress from Colombia, 1924

October 14, 2008

Review and Herald, June 5, 1924

A Note of Progress from Colombia


WHILE we are hearing of the progress of the message in other parts of the world field, we are pleased to add a note of advance in this mission. From the beginning of our work in Bogota we were obliged to live in one of the suburbs to curtail expenses. But we soon found that in doing so we had gone away from the people and really were not practising economy for the mission. With the beginning of this year we laid plans for more aggressive work and are now located in the center of the capital. Our meetings are well attended, the audience often filling the large room which we have set apart for this purpose at our headquarters, and sometimes a score of attentive listeners are standing throughout the meeting.

Leaving Brother L. V. Cleaves to carry on this effort at the capital, the writer, accompanied by his family, joined one of our able native workers in Barranquilla, where the latter had been carrying on Bible work for some time. Immediately we formed a baptismal class, gave daily instruction on the phases of practical Christian life, and after two weeks’ meetings we had the privilege of seeing nine new believers follow their Lord in baptism. What a pleasure it was to the little company of interested ones, five of whom are looking forward to a full acceptance of the truth soon, to stand by the seashore, alone with nature’s God, and witness the testimony of these earnest brethren as they showed their decision to live solely for the message of their Redeemer.

In the afternoon we had a very blessed meeting, organizing our second church in Colombia, of twelve members, ordaining the elder and the deacon, and celebrating the solemn service of the Lord’s Supper. This joyous Sabbath day will be long remembered by the little church of Barranquilla, and we trust that it may be indeed a bright light for the Lord upon the entire north coast.

Contemporary with the baptismal studies, Mrs. Trummer and I carried on our annual campaign for the Harvest Ingathering in this important business center. In spite of the proverbial commercial crisis, we were gladly received by the friends we had made on our former visit, and a number of the business men gave us double the amount they gave us last year. We praise the Lord for all the success He has given us, and pray that He may use us continually for the glory of His name and His message.

During the present month we hope to visit several other large cities in the interests of the work of missions, and we fully believe that we shall reach our goal financially. Our other great aim in our travels is to make as favorable an impression as possible of our work in this new field. May the members of our REVIEW family continue to remember us at the throne of grace.

Lord’s Supper Puzzle

June 7, 2008