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McClelan Memorial Hospital, 1953

October 21, 2008

Canadian Union Messenger, June 3, 1953

Riverside Hospital Entertains Community

THE staff of our hospital (McClelan Memorial Hospital) at Riverside, New Brunswick played host to the community on National Hospital Day, May 12. A good response was shown as the local citizens visited the hospital for a tour. After the tour a programme was presented in the community hall.

Mrs. Ruth Sands, supervisor of the nursing staff, gave the story of Florence Nightingale, whose birthday is May 12. Mrs. Haves, a staff nurse, depicted Flor-ence Nightingale. A coloured scenic movie, and a new cancer prevention film were shown as well as kodachrome slides of the Loma Linda division of the College of Medical Evangelists.

The ladies of the local Women’s In stitute served refreshments at the close of the programme.

The hospital tour and the programme were accepted very well by the community people present and we heard some very good reports later. They appreciate the service they receive while in the hospital and consider the care they receive while there the best they could possibly get. We sent in a write-up of tbe hospital-day ac tivities and a picture of the hospital to the Moncton Times-Tran script and they gave us very good space in their paper.

The McClelan Memorial Hospital, often referred to as the Riverside Hospital is owned by the county, and supervised by a Board of Trustees made up of prom inent business men in the community. It was founded in 1919, and named after a former governor of New Brunswick who sponsored the original hospital. In the fall of 1947, Dr. and Mrs. Martin Hoehn came to Riverside and reopened the hospital and staffed it mainly with Seventh-day Adventist help.

In July, 1952, Dr. Hoehn accepted a call to Jamaica, BWI, to be in charge of the Andrews Memorial Hospital and we came here to carry on the good work that he had started.