Ellen White’s First Vision

Visions and Revisions Part 1

by Ron Graybill

Ministry Magazine published this first of three parts in their February 1994 edition. It is a textual study of Ellen White’s first vision.

Ron Graybill’s writings address some of the more perplexing issues raised by critics. In examining Ellen White’s first vision, Graybill used a computer program to identify the differences.

I appreciate Graybill’s thoroughness. When he addresses an issue, he examines what seems like every known angle. Here is his list of the printings of Ellen White’s first vision:

Printings of Ellen White’s First Vision

1846—”Letter From Sister Harmon,” The Day-Star 9 (Jan. 24,1846): pp. 31, 32. (This is a DjVu file. A free download of the DjVu is available **HERE** )

1846—”To the Little Remnant Scattered Abroad,” broadside, Apr. 6, 1846.

1847—”A Word to the ‘Little Flock,’” pamphlet, May 30, 1847.

1851—”Experience and Views” Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald Extra, July 21, 1851.

1851—A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: James White, 1851), pp. 9-15.

1860—Spiritual Gifts (Battle Creek, Mich.: Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association, 1860), vol. 2, pp. 30-35, 52-55.

1882—Early Writings (Battle Creek, Mich.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1882), pp. 9-15.

1883—”To the Remnant Scattered Abroad,” pamphlet, 1883.

1885—Testimonies for the Church (Oakland: Pacific Press Pub. Assn.,1885), vol. 1, pp. 58-61, 67-70.

1906—Early Writings (Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1906), pp. 13-20.

1945—Early Writings (Washington, D.C.: Review and Herald Pub. Assn., 1945), pp. 13-20.

Graybill serves as a role model for amateur historians seeking to remain positive even while they address serious issues.

6 Responses to “Ellen White’s First Vision”

  1. Carmelita Richardson Says:

    Who is Alonzo Barry?
    I never heard of him before. What part did in play with EG White?
    I know this is late but could I hear from you before Sabbath School Jan. 31, 2009.

    Thank you.

  2. newsman777 Says:

    Hi Carmelita,

    I am planning to include a full profile of Pastor Barry soon. Here is a summary and a few links.

    Pastor Barry was a pioneer African-American Adventist minister. He helped establish the first African-American Adventist congregations; one in Louisville and the other in Lexington, Kentucky. His Lexington congregation became noted for two famous members. One, a woman physician and the other a lawyer, both first in their field.

    The General Conference Committee voted to remove Pastor Barry from their employment in 1898 for not living within his salary. In 1901, Ellen White wrote a letter to the men in responsibility advising them to rehire Barry. She sends $100 to help. They rehire him noting both that he has reformed his ways and the letter from Ellen White.

    Barry continued his ministry. He reports on Mississippi’s first African American camp meeting. In his later years, Barry’s home was in Nashville. For most of his career, he lived in the shadow, so to speak, of Charles M. Kinney, the first African American to be ordained an SDA minister. Barry didn’t seem to mind. The record shows a humble, persistent man noted for his kindness and loyalty. In 1911, Hillcrest school reports a school outing where they note with pleasure that Barry attended.

    Here are some links:

    Covenant Forum’s post on Alonzo Barry

    Ellen White’s letter re: Alonzo Barry

    A Picture of Pastor Barry


  3. Jeff Crocombe Says:

    Hi. Just a minor correction: as far as I can tell Graybill’s article is in two parts, not three. Part I in February 1994 & Part II in April 1994. I cannot find a third.


  4. ayiwa Says:

    Be vigilant,
    Because the second coming of Lord Jesus shouldn’t catch us by surprise, there will be no time to repent our shortcoming.
    May the glorious pity of the extreme highest fall on every mankind so, that his second coming will get us prepared and we will rejoice with him in the sky.

  5. kim Says:

    Where can I find a listing of all of ellen white’s visions?

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